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Dog Accommodations

Dog Accommodations
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Supervised by caring staff members, your dog will be comfortable in our custom-designed dog boarding facility. We provide a spacious, clean, and safe accommodations for your pets.

Dog Boarding Suites

We offer 3 different size suites for our guests. All have inside tempered glass doors so they can enjoy the company of their fellow pets and observe the activities of our dedicated staff.

All suites allow access to a private, fenced outside run, so your dog has the freedom to go safely outside. Other than when the weather is inclement, the suite door connecting with the outdoors is kept open so your pet can come and go as they please.

Suites are provided with soft Karunda beds / Toddler beds with a mattress for luxurious resting.

dog boarding
dog boarding outside run

Outdoor run

two dogs boarding
pet boarding

VIP Suite

Our largest suite, 8 X 10 feet inside with a door leading to a private, covered 8 X 10 foot outside patio where your pet can exercise and enjoy some Cape Cod fresh air. The VIP Suite is also big enough to accommodate 2, 3 or more pets. A webcam is also available for one VIP so you can watch your pet while you are away.

Large Luxury

Our next size suite is 8 X 8 feet inside and 8 X 8 feet outside and has the same amenities as our VIP suites, including a door leading to the outdoor patio and soft Karunda beds / Toddler beds with a mattress for resting. These suites are also large enough to accommodate 2 or 3 large pets.

Luxury Suite

Our smallest but still comfortable suite is 8 X 4 feet inside with a door leading to the 8 X 4 foot outside patio. This suite can have either a Karunda bed or a soft padded or pillow bed.


Before your pet comes to stay:

We are glad you have chosen Cape Cod Pet Resort as your pet(s) destination while you are away. To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, Cape Cod Pet Resort has a few simple requirements for our boarders. Please review our requirements and if you have questions call Cape Cod Pet Resort at 508-564-4088.

Download Forms and Documents for Pet Boarding:

New Client Information Form
Boarding Agreement
Pet Requirements

Vaccinations must be current

We must have proof of the following vaccinations prior to boarding. Your veterinarian my fax the records to us at 508.564.4757.


  • Rabies
  • Bordetella – required every 6 months for daycare
  • DHLPP/Distemper
  • Canine influenza – Presently not required, but strongly recommended

We prefer that all pets have their required vaccinations 5 days prior to entry.

Fleas & Ticks
Cape Cod has a heavy population of both fleas and ticks, therefore we require that your pets are on a veterinarian recognized product for flea and tick protection in order to protect our resort from any infection and thus, protect all of the pets. If your pets are found to have external parasites, they will be treated and your account will be charged accordingly.

All dogs must be heartworm negative and be on monthly veterinarian approved heartworm preventive medication.

Our meal plans use only premium diets and are ideal in a boarding environment. If you choose to bring your own food, please prepare each meal serving size in a separate baggie with your name on it.

Toys or Bedding
Do not bring toys or bedding that are valuable or irreplaceable. All toys should be clearly marked with your pets name. Bedding must be machine washable. Cape Cod Pet Resort is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal item or toy left with your pet.

Boarding Price List

Dog Boarding
Luxury Suite $37.00
8×4 indoor and 8×4 outdoor run. 20% off additional pet if boarding together.

Large Luxury Suite* $47.00
8×8 indoor and 8×8 outdoor run. 20% off additional pet if boarding together.
*Large Luxury Suite with Webcam (optional – reservation required) $10.00 extra per day

VIP Suite* $57.00
8×10 indoor and 8×10 outdoor run. 20% off additional pet if boarding together.
*VIP Suite with Webcam (optional- reservation required) $10.00 extra per day

Boarding Extras

PLAYTIME (One-on-one individual play session with staff member) – $13.00 for 20 minutes;
Same family additional dog – $8.00 ea.

DAYCARE – $18.00 (Need a negative fecal on file)
NAIL TRIM – $15.00
EXIT BATH – ranging $25 – $45 depending on breed size
FLEA BATH – $55.00 and up depending on breed size
PILL ADMINISTRATION – starting at $4.00 per day*
INJECTION ADMINISTRATION – $5.00 per injection
FULL SERVICE GROOM ($ depending upon breed)

* Please discuss your dog(s) / cat(s) medical requirements with the front desk staff. Additional fees may be added in certain situations.

At Cape Cod Pet Resort we provide the best environment for your pet to feel comfortable and safe

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